Our vision is to provide quality care at no fee to the poor, tribal community and the unattended. We have experienced that cancer to an individual in poor family amounts to particularly deep financial and emotional stress the family passes through. We focus on attending not only the patient but their family as well by extending free education to the needy children, counseling etc. We, within our limited capacity, leave no stones unturned to provide multi-constituent service which goes well beyond the realm of conventional hospice. Another important dimension of our vision is to expand the palliative capacity in Central India for Cancer patients. We closely work with the hospitals and other medical institutions to provide care with scale.


We have adopted three-step strategy.
  • Active Community participation -
    Build community network to develop the delivery support framework
  • Quality Service -
    Benchmark our service quality to the best in the league
  • Partnerships -
    Rope in institutions / corporate entities for sponsorships & guidance on technology & efficiency tools